Ruth Kirchmeier



When woodcut artist Ruth Kirchmeier talks about her life, the words “fortunate,” “obsessed,” and “persistent” proliferate. At 73, she says she is living the life she loves: a life shared with partner Nelson Bryant, surrounded by friends and family, continually inspired by Martha’s Vineyard’s natural beauty; and spent in lifelong passionate engagement with the arts.
Karla Araujo

Ruth Kirchmeier is an artist – a painter, a draughtsman, a gardener – but it is as a printmaker that she is in her métier. As an observer and friend of over 20 years, and as her dealer for several of those years, I am struck by the “all of a piece” quality of Ruth’s life. Her woodcuts are her most recognized artistic achievement, and justly so. They are complex and descriptive, the lines and marks, the overlays and underlays of colors.
Hermine Hull